Pet Halloween Safety Suggestions

Our expert pet advisors provide suggestions to keep you pet(s) safe and happy this Halloween. (See our sale at the end of this blog)

Let Your Pet See Your Costume

Pets instinctly protect their owners and family. Your pet may not recognize family members when dressed up in their costume. Get your pet familiar with your costume by trying in on before Halloween and spend time reassuring them it’s you and not a stranger.

Keep Under Control

Our experts recommend keeping your pet on a leash, in a comfortable room, or at another home that has less distractions for several reasons.

  1. Keeps escape artists from getting out the door and running away.
  2. Be mindful some children and adults are afraid of pets. Although your friendly pet may love people, tonight have them admire new friends from afar.
  3. Candy, pumpkins, corn and decorations are harmful to your pet, especially if ingested.  With a curious pet who loves to explore and get into things, make sure you have plenty pet toys to play with to keep them distracted and away from harm.

Collars, Tags, and Microchips

Unfortunately, pets do get out, lost or run away. This evening, keep their collar with identification tags on them. Microchipping is the best way to be contacted when someone finds your pet. Shelters, vet clinics and some pet stores have scanners to read information stored on the chip. This also provides proof that you are the pets’ owner avoiding someone else claiming your pet.

Bring Outside Pets Inside

Halloween brings fun, many cute costumes, and lots of sugar energy. Unfortunately, it can also bring not so cute actions of others. Bring outdoor cats and pets inside for the night to keep them safe and sound. If you have outsides animals or animals in portable cages, put them in the house, a barn or garage.

When Calling It A Night

Finally, when wrapping up the evening, get a visual on your pet(s) and make sure they are inside for the evening tucked in safe and sound. Put all the candy away, toss the pumpkins in the trash, remove decorations, and get ready for Thanksgiving!


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