Nature’s Gem Inhaler Difference from Vaping Products

Recently there is a lot of news regarding lung disease and deaths resulting from vaping e-cigarettes and/or THC.  It’s important to spend time reminding the important differences between our inhaler cartridges and vape products with nicotine and THC.

Only need to inhale into the mouth

From the beginning, we state you do not need to inhale our CBD into your lungs when using our cartridges. The capillaries in your mouth absorb the CBD bringing it into the bloodstream, making it unnecessary to inhale to your lungs.

No glycerol liquids in our cartridges (VG or PG)

Our cartridges do not contain any glycerol liquids found in other vaping products. Specifically, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG is a thick and sweet liquid that produces the clouds of vapor commonly seen when vaping products. PG is a thinner tasteless liquid that produces the feel of smoking a real cigarette in the throat. Our concern with VG and PG is when these liquids are heated, they oxidize to formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, glyoxal, and methylglyoxal. Studies have indicated that inhaling these compounds into your lungs may damage and lead to lung cancer. This is why we will never put VG or PG in our cartridges and recommend only inhaling into the mouth, then blowing it out.

No THC in our CBD cartridges

Our CBD cartridges do not contain THC. Reports of recent health issues and deaths indicate these are related to vape products containing THC. These same reports also note the THC vaping products used were illicit marijuana cartridges purchased on the street and formulated with unknown substances and liquids. Our CBD cartridges are lab tested to assure they contain no THC and are manufactured with Hemp plants and not marijuana. Click here to view lab results.

In summary, we want our customers to know, we always have your health and wellness in mind. We believe our inhalers offer a means to bring CBD into the body fast. However, we again wish to stress, it’s not necessary to inhale our product into your lungs. It is effective holding it in your mouth then blowing it out.

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In health and wellness,

Lisa Baskfield, CEO