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  • 25 mg CBD in each gummy
  • #1 seller for Grandma’s Marathon runners for training, recovery and race day
  • Helps with sleep, pain and inflammation and anxiety
  • Vegan, All Natural, Non-GMO
  • Not loaded with red dyes or sugar or harsh chemicals.
  • No THC = no psychoactive effect. Safe for drug testing.
  • Restores balance to the body’s ECS.


Ingredients: Pectin, sugar, corn syrup, baking soda, citric acid, water, natural flavoring and color, phytocannabinoid rich CBD hemp extract oil.

Nutrition Facts: Servings: 10 Serving size: 1 gummy, Amount per serving: Calories 10, Total Fat 0g (0%DV), Sat. Fat 0g (0%DV), Trans Fat 9g, Cholesterol 0g (0%DV), Sodium 5g (0%DV), Total Carb. 3g (1%DV), Fiber 0g (0%DV), Total Sugars 3g (Ind. 3g, Added Sugars 6%DV) Protein 0g, Vit. D (0%DV), Calcium (0%DV), Iron (0%DV), Potassium (0%DV). Percent Daily Value (DV) based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Suggested Dosage and Use

  • One gummy = 1 dose
  • To begin, take 1 – 2 doses daily.
  • It’s ok to take 1/2 a gummy too when starting out.
  • Be patient as gummies take longer to take effect because it has to go through the digestive tract.
  • For sleep, take 60 minutes before bed.
  • For anxiety or pain, take when needed throughout the day.
  • After 6 – 7 days, if need be, adjust your dosage.  For example, if 1 gummy (25 mg CBD ) isn’t achieving the results you desire, take 1.5 or 2 gummies.
  • Keep a log of symptoms and dose to find the strength best for you. (i.e. date, symptoms before taking CBD, dosage amount, symptoms 1-2 hours after taking CBD)
  • Don’t be afraid to change your dosage to figure out what works best for you and your body
  • Consider coupling with oil for increased strength

Lab Test Results

We utilize the preferred CO₂ extraction method for purity and third-party lab testing to provide full transparency of results to our customers.
Click here to see lab results

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tommy Mandri
The best of the best

I love this item, work like is described on your advertisement, for sure I'm going to buy it again.

Tina Klein


Andrea Clear

While on vacation in April I discovered this amazing store and owner. Having just had a major surgery and dealing with discomfort related to healing I chose not to use pharmaceutical analgesics. I tried the gummies first and realized how effective they are in relaxation, pain relief and insomnia. My vacation was amazing and I went back to stock up for home. Lisa and Kaitlyn are both so sweet and informative. I plan on visiting again in October when I return, but will stock up online until then. Being a nurse has a stigmata that I push use of prescription medicine but I always think a natural way is best!

Wendy Carlsen

Love your products

Minnesota mom
New to me.

I hadn’t tried cbd before and was skeptical but I really like the gummies. They make me feel calm when I get stressed about work and they help me recover nicely after a long run. I’m a convert.

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