We utilize the preferred CO₂ extraction method for purity and third-party lab testing to provide full transparency of results to our customers. Lab results are always visible either directly on this page or within the individual product page. If clarification is needed or questions arise, please contact our customer service team; they are available. Thank you for visiting and for your support!

CBD Tincture 250mg & 500mg

CBD Tincture 725mg & 1250mg

CBD Tincture 1000mg & 2000mg

Tension & Pain Calming Balm for 2 oz, 1.2 oz & .5 oz

Rejuvanting Balm for 2 oz, 1.2 oz & .5 oz

Soothing Pain Relief Lotion with Magnesium

Small and Medium Pet CBD Oil 150mg & 300mg

Large Pet CBD Oil 500mg

Pet CBD Joint Formula

25mg Gummies

Max Balm

Max Balm 19364A March 5 2020

CBD Cartridges - All flavors

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