CBD – One Piece of Whole Body Health

There is a lot of talk about CBD on social media, the news, however, watch out for the comments that it will “cure” something. Rather, we feel using CBD is one piece to add to your lifestyle for whole body health.

No one wants to constantly feel their body aching, their mind stressed/depressed/anxious, feel they are overweight, and so on. It’s easy to rely on quick fixes (pills, medication, crash diets, etc.) to try to feel better. If you are not feeling well, your body is talking to you and it’s time to take inventory of how you are treating yourself.

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Can I give my pet Nature’s Gem CBD products?

Dogs, cats, and animals DO benefit from CBD


Pets and Anxiety

Similar to people who get anxious, a pet’s system can be overloaded and sometime even debilitating from:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Going to the vet
  • Traveling
  • New people
  • Past experiences, especially if a rescue animal

CBD for aging pets

There are times when your pet may over do it playing, similar to how we may over exert ourselves with a chore or exercise. Couple that with getting older, your pet may not move like he/she use to. Some animals, for example golden retrievers, are genetically predisposed to issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. as they get older. Like us, we need to provide them with vitamins, food specific for their diet or age, along with CBD as these symptoms arise.


How does CBD work and what can it do for dogs, cats, animals?

Many customers reach out to us and for help, because they are at a loss how to help their pet. Our THC free CBD pet line, is non-psychoactive and well tolerated in your pet’s system. In fact, pets love the taste of the oil!

Animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) too, just like us.  The two most known cannabinoid receptors within the ECS are CB1 and CB2. These receptors are common in animals, and have been found not only in dogs and cats, but also in mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles.

What Does the ECS Do?

The endocannabinoid system is tasked with regulating many functions, some of which include:

    • Mood
    • Appetite
    • Memory
    • Metabolism
    • Sleep
    • Pleasure
    • Movement and coordination
    • Immune response

Through these cannabinoid receptors the endocannabinoid CBD is able to help coordinate and regulate most of how your pet feels, thinks, and functions. Giving your pet Nature’s Gem Pet CBD, the cannabinoid is absorbed into the bloodstream where it naturally stimulates the ECS, therefore restoring balance to your pet’s system.

Nature’s Gem pet products provides your dog, cat, horse, and pet the support to the endocannabinoid systems without experiencing any adverse side effects.

We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Lisa Baskfield
CEO of Nature’s Gem CBD & Certified Pilates Instructor
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