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Florida Red Tide

Florida Red Tide Red Tide has been a devastating phenomenon for the local marine wildlife, but also for Florida’s tourist…

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Using CBD Before and After Surgery

  Having surgery can be scary or exciting depending on your attitude, expectations, and circumstances. More and more people are…


Insomnia, Cortisol, and CBD

Can’t sleep? Insomnia? High cortisol may be the culprit and CBD may be one solution to consider adding to your…


Can I Use CBD Topicals On My Child?

Our thoughts on how to use CBD for children.


Can CBD provide relief for Ankylosing Spondylitis?


CBD and Achilles Tendinitis


Nature’s Gem Countdown to Olympic Marathon Trials


How to Choose the Best CBD Products (Paleo Running Momma)

We recently partnered with Michele from Paleo Running Momma. Checkout her post (and her delicious recipes while you’re there) featuring:…

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Pet Halloween Safety Suggestions

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Nature’s Gem Inhaler Difference from Vaping Products

Recently there is a lot of news regarding lung disease and deaths resulting from vaping e-cigarettes and/or THC.  It’s important…

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6 Ways To Reduce Soreness After Running

Running feels great and has it’s benefits! We get the runners high, it reduces stress, and is a terrific form…

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CBD and Medication – Potential Interactions

Ingesting CBD?  Proceed With Caution CBD is popping up in everything as it gains popularity – including CBD infused edibles…


CBD for Athletes: Improving Sleep with CBD

Any athlete knows sleep is an essential component of performance. Getting the zzzs you need is a top priority, yet…


Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis


Why does my foot hurt so bad? Plantar Fasciitis – A pain in the foot

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CBD – One Piece of Whole Body Health

There is a lot of talk about CBD on social media, the news, however, watch out for the comments that…

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CBD Tincture Oil Strengths – Where do I start with?

When I was getting ready to order my first tincture of CBD, it was confusing how much to take. Here…

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Can I give my pet Nature’s Gem CBD products?

When I was getting ready to order my first tincture of CBD, it was confusing how much to take. Here…