Meet Our Ambassadors

2-3 Gary

Gary Brimmer

Elite Running Coach

I'm a 54-year-old Army retiree. Over the years I have developed several chronic issues that many times leaves me in various levels of pain. I have had tremendous results using Natures Gem CBD. I use the balm for my aches and pains and oil tinctures to help with my insomnia. My use of prescription and over the counter pain relief medication has significantly been reduced.

2-3 Sammie

Sammii Dorfler

Personal Trainer and Multi-Sport Athlete

I'm a personal trainer as well as a runner, cyclist, and hiker. I'm so glad I found Nature's Gem! Not only do I find that the topicals work great for my sore muscles, my clients love them, too. My personal favorite thing about these products is how it eases my headaches. Having to be on most of the time, I can't have a headache slow me down.

2-3 Mark

Mark Moody

Elite Marathon Runner

I really connected with Nature's Gem at the Chicago Marathon Expo. I had used their balm leading up to Chicago and then after the race I started massaging the balm into my foot to help relieve some achilles tendinitis. Then I started using the oils for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

My favorite is the rejuvenating balm. Getting that into the muscles and the soft tissue in my feet, especially on days where I've worked out, really helps me recover. It's become a nightly routine.

2-3 Heather

Heather Oliva

Personal Trainer and Elite Runner

Two weeks prior to running Grandmas Marathon my shin started to bother me. I was sure I had a medial tibialis stress reaction or extreme shin splints. I knew if that was the case, I would most likely fracture it during the marathon. It was a risk I was willing to take. The afternoon before race day, my coach tossed me a tub of Natures Gem CBD to rub on my shin. I got immediate relief.  Not once during my marathon did I feel my shin. Natures Gem CBD has become part of my daily routine for pre and post runs. Thankful to have their support in keeping me healthy as I prepare for to run after the Olympic trial qualifying time at the Indy Marathon.  

2-3 Nathan Moss

Nathan Maas

Pro Golfer 

As a Pro Golfer, my everyday training can take a big toll on my body. There are a lot of repetitive movements and intense training in my everyday life. Since I’ve been using Natures Gem, I see the best results when I stick to the dynamic duo of oil and balm. My body feels great with fast recovery to push myself to the limit to be the best I can. Nature’s Gem is great for all athletes!

Erica Kirkwood Race Picture (1)

Erica Kirkwood

Occupational Therapist and Elite Runner

I have been training with ankle soreness/stiffness for about a year. Since using Nature's Gem Rejuvenating Balm, my ankle is significantly less sore. I apply the balm regularly just before runs and I instantly notice a difference which helps me train with confidence. I am excited to continuing to use the products as I train for the Olympic Trials in Atlanta.

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