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How Nature’s Gem Started

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over nine years ago, which changed my life forever.

Prior to this, I was the CEO of a Certified Public Accounting firm (CPA). I also developed and presented financial literacy programs (all for free) to soldiers and their families before, during and after deployment from active duty, for the Military’s – Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program in Minnesota. During this time, I became a national and local leader, a spokesperson in my profession, and was on the AICPA’s National Commission for Financial Literacy. I was raising my daughter as a single mom, volunteering in my community, and led an active and athletic lifestyle (my passions were running marathons, competing in triathlons, and mountain biking). Then my health changed.

In early 2009 I started to have excruciating pain that could not be treated with over the counter medicines. I began to journal what was going on with my body as my health deteriorated. I spent a year on the sofa sick, in pain, and with no energy. In addition, I lost over 35 pounds in 6 months (I’m 5’8” and was down to 115 lbs.) and could not hold food down. My cognitive skills declined, I lost my sense of balance, became depressed, and my body still continued to slowly shut down on me. I lost “me” – body, mind and soul. After extensive testing at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

How did I learn about CBD?

Fibromyalgia took my life, as I knew it, from me. Due to my health, I had to sell my company, give up my career, and change my lifestyle. I became conscious of everything I ate and put into my body. Even though I did not want to, and fought it, I ended up taking prescription medications as my symptoms were so severe. Although the medications helped me somewhat to manage the pain associated with Fibromyalgia, the side effects were unpleasant. In all honesty, from the words of Pink Floyd, I became “comfortably numb”, and hated it.

In late 2017, I heard about CBD and its benefits, yet I knew nothing about it. I began doing extensive research on the effects of CBD, being that I did not want to put anything into my body that could harm it or make my symptoms worse. After many months of reading and research, when CBD became legal in Indiana, I decided to try some products. In my daily journal, I noted my CBD doses, along with the effect on my body and health.

Why did I start the company and our products?

I started Nature's Gem in July of 2018, (well before the explosion in the CBD industry) because I want to help others. When I started taking CBD, I had no clue what to look for, how much to take, what dose to start at, etc. I also knew I needed consistently sourced CBD because my body is hypersensitive. This means, if I put something in my body that isn't consistent, I get sick - very sick. So, I started a company. I wanted to build a brand and address the issue - who can you trust? Who will honestly address questions and concerns? Who will provide consistently sourced products? I talk the talk AND walk the walk.

As a CPA, being a trusted advisor with ethics and integrity is always the #1 priority. At Nature’s Gem, these same values are adhered to and supported through our culture, careful research, analysis, and controls in all products. We are passionate about the perks CBD offers to our bodies, and want to provide our customers with these benefits through our own products. We are a resource to educate others on CBD, an advocate for Hemp and CBD, and now provide consumers with our own highest quality CBD products available.

CBD is not a cure all and not for everyone. Anyone saying that to you, in my opinion, is being dishonest. CBD should be considered as one piece to consider for whole body health and wellness.

My door is always open for you to reach out to for advice and support during your own health and wellness journey. Feel free to contact me!


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