Quality Assured

Consistently sourced to insure quality. We use the same USDA organic farmers, same fields, same farming practices.

THC Free

THC free ingestible products. All the results with no high feeling. Safe for athletes and drug testing.


Independent accredited, 3rd party lab testing on all products with access to results located on site and on labels.

Cruelty Free

100% Vegan and all natural. Cruelty free and we don't engage in activities that harm animals.

Trusted Partner

Partners with Another Mother Runner as their CBD of choice for BAMRs (bad ass mother runners!)

Elite Expos

Exhibitor at elite expos: Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon & Grandma's Marathon.

CBD Oil & Tinctures



  • Extra Strength Oil 1250mg

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  • Max Strength Oil 2000 mg

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  • Regular Strength Oil 500mg

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  • Gummies

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Balm & Lotions

Balms & Lotions


Pet Products

CBD Oil & supplements


  • Dog and Cat Daily Supplement

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  • Pet CBD Oil

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