4 Ways Runners Can Benefit From CBD


CBD oil boasts a variety of benefits, from skincare uses to applications treating stress and anxiety. Its uses are extensive, and for the runners out there, CBD oil can come in handy in a variety of ways. 

Most of CBD’s exercise related benefits are due to the fact it’s an anti-inflammatory and that it has an ability to reduce pain. This makes it an ideal choice for runners, and CBD can help accomplish the following:

1. Aid Recovery

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal treatment for joint pain and muscle soreness. Serious runners know that joint pain is part of the deal for pursuing their passion, and treating this pain is sometimes necessary. Due to the inflammation associated with this pain, CBD is a great solution. CBD is also effective in addressing muscle soreness, and for helping with recovery beyond what stretching can offer.

2. Sleep Better

Some studies indicate that CBD can help you to sleep better, which for runners is a huge perk. Better sleep is among a top factor in performance for athletes, and a good night’s sleep will make a huge difference in energy levels, speed and stamina.

3. Reduce Anxiety

One of CBD’s uses is to combat stress of anxiety (even in pets). Using CBD products for pain may also provide a twofold benefit in helping combat nerves or anxiety about a big race. With these calming properties, it’s possible to start off a run calm and stress free.

4. Go Natural

CBD is all natural, so it’s a good alternative for anyone to traditional over the counter medications for anyone who is opposed to putting chemicals or manufactured products into their body — even something as minor as ibuprofen. As many runners are health conscious and prefer natural remedies, CBD is a popular choice.

Check out the wide variety of CBD products available to meet your running-related needs today! 


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