Stand Together With Us And Fight Injustices In Our Communities

We have always believed moving heals the body, mind and soul, and is an important part of overall health and wellness. Join our team #Natures Gem CBD Health and Wellness and support the cause 1 Million Miles For Justice to help heal communities, raise awareness, and fight injustices that sadden our hearts.

This is a virtual event for all walkers, runners, cyclists, etc. to raise funds to help fight against injustices in our communities. The donation is $25 (made when you sign up under the team name) and a pledge to walk, run, bike, skip, swim, hike, jump, hop, clap your hands in a circle, ANYTHING, for from now until July 15, 2020. Sign up yourself, your family, kids, grandkids, grandparent, dog, cat, fish, llama, etc. If you already are doing this, add your name to our team! Can't get the miles in? No worries - just like in baseball, we have an amazing team of athletes that will run on your behalf!

Here's A Little Something For The Effort

Receive Exclusive Discounts, a chance to win a $75 gift card and a FREE Nature's Gem T-shirt, once you have signed up under our team name #Natures Gem CBD Health and Wellness. Click here to register.

Use your email lists, social media, virtual cocktail hours to spread the word and encourage others to join our team and raise awareness.

Post to your social media accounts your pictures and tag us @naturesgemcbd. Don't have social media or on a break from it? No sweat - we respect that! Send your pictures to and we will share them on our site, with your permission of course.

Fill out this form AND join our 1 million miles for justice #Natures Gem CBD Health and Wellness to receive your free t-shirt. You will be directed to the site for our team name to register and sign up.

Fill Out The Form Below To Get Started, T-Shirt and Exclusive Deals! 

Let's Get At It!

T-shirt Form - Note: You will only receive specials and t-shirt after you register for the virtual event.

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